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Suggestions for 4.3 - e-sports release

I'm working on the new 4.3 version, the release is focused on features that make tournaments, duels and spectating more exciting, easier to use.

Currently I have on my todo:
- Ingame opener stats (first use, name, win ratio, who found it first)
- Naming of openers used (if you create a new opener, you can also name it)
- Ingame player stats (join date, games played, win ratio etc)
- Mouse over on joint stats (how close to breaking was the join, how much damage did it take)
- Pause tournament or duel (ops can pause a current match)
- /decaprize 1000
"hampa has added a 1000 TC prize for decapitation"

+ the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

If you have any other competitive features, please post in this thread.
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