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Yes, Hale you can and coincidentally this is also the easiest way to do it

Edit your replay normally up until you want to strike Uke out of the freeze then save it

Open in notepad and just paste in Ukes info from the frame you want him to freeze on every single frame, you will have to manually write new frames but that's really simple.

For example in a 1000 frame replay if you want to freeze Uke on frame 400 and punch him out of the freeze on frame 300 you'd do this:

1. Make sure you move one of Ukes joints on frame 400, this creates the information about Uke which we will paste in later

2. Keep editing normally up until frame 300, disregard the hacking part which will happen 100 frames earlier for now, just move your tori into position and stop on the frame where he will strike Uke OUT of the freeze

3. Save replay, open in notepad. On frame 600(inverted from 400 because we are now working in notepad) you will find information about Uke, copy this.

4. Now begins the laborheavy but simple part, on every frame between 600 and 700 you will paste in the information about Uke AFTER Toris information for good practice and to make sure it doesn't hiccup.

5. After saving and watching the replay you will notice Uke still falls out of the air but teleports back into "the freeze position" every few frames, this is because we only pasted in his information on the frames we edited Tori on. Gravity still pulls on Uke on the other frames.

6. Go back into notepad and manually add all the missing frames between 600 and 700. Just write Frame 601; and the paste in the information about Uke again. Then carry on with Frame 602; and Frame 603; and so on. Skip the frames you already pasted Ukes information into in step 4. Do this until your last frame, save it, open the replay in Toribash and you will have a perfect freeze!

This is also the solution to your question Denilumi, this process is the only way to do that.

Important to remember if you are new is that Ukes variables always have "1" as a suffix and Toris always has "0".
IE POS 1; belongs to Uke and POS 0; belongs to Tori

Hope this was helpful to someone, this is actually a really good practice to get a basic grasp on how Toribash renders replays and it's good to see people engaged in hacking :D
hi again
i dont like to feel like im spamming this chat but i have a question
lets say (example) i make a selfspar where i hack my head to be dmd and off but to stay at the body for the whole spar without it glitching

if u do the whole selfspar and dq the head after the selfspar with hax it will glitch a lot

so my question is : is there a way to make a dmd joint not to glitch and stay at the bodypart till i want it to dm

a example from shiros replay for 2015 sp cup event
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What you would have to do is make the replay up until the point where you want the DMd joint to act normally, run the replay through the Replay Recorder script and then add a DM on the first frame of the scripted replay, save it. And then keep editing the replay

Basically what the replay recorder script does is create information for every single frame in the replay, even those you didn't change a joint in.
This means that a POS(and others) line is keeping the DMd part in place where it would otherwise fall off between the edited frames if you just added the CRUSH command without running the script.

If you watch shiros replay in slowmotion you can actually see the head moving ever so slighly out of position inbetween frames.
At normal speed you can't see this because Toribash runs at 60 ingame frames per second, same as most monitors. If you have a 144Hz screen you could technically see it without slowing the replay down but I don't really think its possible to notice with the naked eye
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nah dont worry about it man.

more than likely shiro useds this script as its probably the easiest way to do it

basically what this does is record all of the frames in a set amount of parameters. this is explained on that thread so i wont go in depth. to get the effect you want, i suggest finishing the replay. then use the script. go to your output file and find the frame you want the head to dm. insert CRUSH 0;0. i think thats right at least for the neck.

the cool part is that you dont need to keep on inserting "crush" for every frame thereafter, since you cant un-dm something

tsu tsu cuckoo
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how to not see the whole replay to edit it
basicly i want to skip the replay till the frame i want to see or edit
how to do it ?
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just speed up the replay to x2, and then slow it down once it gets closer to your part
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can someone get a decap off this replay please?
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relaxing the joints you used to get the momentum can help you get more speed. if you hit the head directly with a certain speed you can get a decap.
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