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Regarding [RULES INDEX] > Flame Rules > Rule 9.

Do not create OR request flames that cause serious lag ingame or obstruct being able to play the game. Users wearing these flames will be warned and/or punished, and the forger will face even steeper punishment.

This flame is lag free.
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Breaking rules is bad
Could I see a pic of this while your doing a move like a heli kick or somethin'?
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Meh, what would be the point? It just spits random particles like this near the hands.
Breaking rules is bad
that is amazing, i've never seen a flame so big not even have lag.. anyways thanks for answering my question
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Derp.. Idea by darkjak?
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[21:27] <+siku> are you still confused
[21:27] <Xtreme> not anymore :D