Season 8
hey this is toadstyle on behalf of genocyde and toad's flame shop. im here to ask if you would like to become bussiness partners were a requesta flame shop we dont sell premade flames so we wont be knocking ur premade flame bussiness out so dont worry and btw i just bumped ur thread x[)
We're sorry Genocyde and Toad's flame shop, but Element and I work alone share information alone, and make flames alone, we are flattered though, but it's best we keep it a 2 man job, thanks though.

Breaking rules is bad
u accepte other flame ? because i want ur super aura both flame ... (the white super aura flame) for 2 other flames ...
Please make someone happy :)
[Sigh] If I said no to the other costumers, why would I allow you to trade flames? ._.
Breaking rules is bad
New kingdom hearts Flame+set has been added. Purchase the flame get the set free.
Breaking rules is bad
[Legal Bump]

I am xElementx i am using this account and i will be using this for a long time =3
drag can i have ANY flame for 12k PLEASE

all i got and ill give u hunter lax

please list the ones i could choose
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