Season 8
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Accidental Space? Solution!
Darn! I pressed spaced 1 too many times and now I accidentally skipped my turn!

I was thinking of a solution to this, have a button somewhere that isn't used in-game to reactivate your tori if you want to change your moves, or if you accidentally pressed space in-game, skipping your turn so the other player has an advantage on you.

The timer would be reactivated on where you pressed space at, as long as the other player hasn't pressed space already you can reactivate your turn and never have an unneeded loss again!
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Its a nice idea but its kinda unfair. Maybe for the first frame only when the game starts but not within fighting. Better not to press space when your not 100% sure of your move. Just wait for the reaction time to finish.
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The problem I'm seeing with this issue, for myself, is not actually pressing it too many times (that's obvious and could be prevented by only pressing it once.) I've noticed while pressing space once, if the new game has initiated on the server, but has not delivered that data to you, you're still seeing the replay from the previous match when you pressed space, before it was delivered to you, the server recorded your space as 'move ready' despite that you pressed it while the replay was still going... Since synchronization obviously has it's flaws while traveling great distances and such, I would press space once AFTER you see the "Space - New game / F - Save Replay" display after the match is completed... only once.
Rather than restart the timer, perhaps pressing this "edit" button would just allow you to edit until the timer ran out.