Weekend Bash
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[Auction] Super cheap flame!
Hi dudes, ladys, and toribashians, im back in black, bringing to you the newest candy flame evaaaa!!!

Looks pretty cool right? Kinda awesome (kinda) and i know! You wanna buy it, but i know... you don't want to spend many tc! (i know you have a lot greedy boy)

So here im my "deal"

Starting bid: 30k
Minimum raise: 1k
Buyout: 45k

Yeah, thats right, starting bid cheaper than anywhere else, and autobuy is less that forging a flame!

Yeah, i know, u might think i got mud, drunken or somthing of the sort.. but no!!

Bid and get your first, second, third.....1000th flame!!
sure killer20, sounds awesome.

Flame sent*

Ill be waiting 4 the money ;)