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[best event] super cool trikcing event funy flips and trikes [1]
this is bestest tricking event ever

fred wrote the text vewwy prettily

i make funny opener and you need to make cool tricking replay with it
if u are bestest tricker replay creator you shall get massive prize of 100 000 toridollars and a orc pack
if you are second bestest you get 35 000 torieuros and a orc pack
if u enter but not make the bestest replay but still have put many effort and i feel like you did your bestests you shall receive a honourable mention prize of gladiator pack and 10 toriyens
----i gi--v-e you -------------weeks-- fun ti--e c--reate super gr-ea---t re--plays SO deadlin--e is --l--ike --1---h--- no--v-e-m-b----
have good time if u got interdastingfull questions- ask them here and i try to remember to answer to them
me and glimpsed will judge your productions
also start editing only after the 1310th frame thing&&good luck fellow toribasher fidger spinnerers
also if u got confused what torieuros and toridollars and toriyens are they are tc
alsoo if u got something funny not so interdastingfull questions about event that u dont want to discuss in here just add me in discord nanna#1234

ok so we extent deadline by 7 days
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These replays are awful. This is like comparing faeces to vomit. Country music to Eminem. Arthritis to Parkinson's.

While watching these abominations, I felt many emotions; mainly disgust, anxiety and resentment. By making me watch these replays, you have actually not only shortened my lifespan by a few years, but you have also permanently decreased my cognitive function. Tell me how exactly you have put infinitely more effort into that sad freerun frenzy event with half the prize money.

I'm going to be sending letters home to all of your parents and you will all be re-doing your assignments.

The deadline has been extended by a week (seven days). Do not disappoint me.

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