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There might be something wrong with your keyboard.

nope. they work in another function.
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hi, i'm using version 3, but my A and D button don't work. Please tell me why.

Did you change to freecam (press 2)?
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I still dont get how to use this.
nvm solved it
Nice script
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Expert Mode
I made this a long while back, and I tried to only release it to specific people that would have wanted this kind of thing, but it never really launched. I'm putting this out in public but be warned, this is not an easy script to use. This isn't a challenge, this is a warning that it might get more technical than you'd want. This is no longer FreeCam, it is ExpertCam and ExpertObject.

Create an empty "ExpertCam.txt" and "ExpertObject.txt" for yourself first.

Expert Cam


Capture keyframes straight from camera position
Design bezier paths
Edit/insert/add keyframes, save keyframes to file


WSAD/QE for camera. , and . to control FOV.
Camera Menu shows when mouse is at the top of the screen.
Start with LookCam. Drag the larger sphere (lookSphere) to adjust distance of target lookat point. Target lookat point is the nearest point on the center of camera view from the lookSphere.
Press G to place keyframes at current camera position, looking at small green sphere. Keyframes can be placed at any time, even in the middle, as the path automatically adjusts. Keyframes can be replaced by G and removed by V.
When done, choose FreeCam. Y/U to traverse keyframes. Use the menu to switch between bezier handle or position control. Bezier handles defaults to same as position. Leave it for corner, drag to make a curve. Usually only handle needed (default shown first). Only current keyframe points can be dragged. This prevents misselection. Path tries to enter/leave the position tangent to the bezier handle. The further the distance, the more influence. If frame difference is too large or small, points may not appear. Use < and > to change the scale.
Use PathCam to follow path. If a sphere is off screen, use SeekCam to freelook while locked to path.
Use the menu to hide HUD.
Press X to clear all frames.

Copy and rename ExpertCam.txt in order to save multiple paths.

Expert Object


Create virtual objects, move and control every aspect of objects, save to file


See ExpertCam controls before using ExpertObject. Only new controls and tips are shown here.

Press O to load current mod into objects. This does not hide existing mod objects, just duplicates.
Press (Y) (U) to traverse objects, (H) (J) to traverse keyframes of selected object.
XYZ locks (B,N,M) a dimension to the same as the selected object at keyframe. It also locks for other edit modes (,).
Object/Keyframe placement is at LookSphere location.
FreeCam to view objects as will be regularly seen. Place(G)/remove(V) new objects. Use (.) to change shape type (B,C,S).
EditCam to view single objects at 0.2 opacity, other objects at 0.1 opacity, and current match frame of object at 0.7 opactiy. Alter existing objects and add keyframes (G).
If frame difference is too large or small, points may not appear. Use < and > to change the scale.
Copy and rename ExpertObject.txt in order to save multiple object sets.

If you're still confused on how to use ExpertCam:
And my proof of concept video for Expert Object when I had made it:
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