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[REL]Shader Maker! With Loading!

  • O = Refresh
  • I = Randomize
  • U = Show Mixer Form (to close it click the 'x')

Extract the file in your scripts directory!

Files are saved in the toribash 3.7/data/shaders folder as "newshader.inc" and also in the toribash 3.7/data/scripts folder so they can be edited.
To run type /ls shadermixer.lua or goto the menu > setup > scripts > Shadermixer.lua

To load and save shaders simply type in the name example: "default" and it will save/load default.inc DO NOT PUT .INC ON THE END

If you want to load a shader you need to put it in your scripts folder, default.inc will be placed in the scripts directory by the script so you can load that without having to move it

Need any help?
Post here.

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yea... i'd like a download of it XD
EDIT oh you fixed it imma DL it now
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yeah i did the thing i laugh at people for... i forgot to upload xD

Colour Pallet: Will do.
I will add a save function, but a developer mayaswell make /exportworldshader work.
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maybe make a colour palette like in the worldbuilder so its easyer for ppl to change colors without knowing the codes and,
a save function please =P other than that, its great
Teh epicness! :D
I don't like to do codes on Notepad.
Teh +repness! :D
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Kind of a cheap way to make them if you ask me. Now it's a lot easier.


I will try it.

Well for now you cant save them so be happy with your shader skills.
See I help you
Next version i will add a little box that shows all the values.