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(HvC) Havoc

Spart, Ham, Mixins, and several other members of their old clan were sick of Alfie's leadership and banded together to form a clan that was made to follow their original intentions, to be the best boxing clan.

10+ Members [✔]
Get Clan Video up [ ]
Finish up clan photo [✔]
Get at least 1 member to "Toribash Legend" [ ]
Be the best boxing clan [✔]

Member list

1.) Follow the community rules of ToriBoxing. No backhands, kicking, excessive clinching, and running away.
2.) Treat everyone in the clan, regardless of rank, with respect. Don't be toxic.
3.) Try to stay active, Inform the leaders that you're going to be inactive and for how long.
4.) We are a clan of elite boxers, because of this, we expect you to not have a bad reputation around the community and to not have constant losing streaks.

Username: HvCBank
Amount of TC in bank: 0

Managed by:

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