Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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[GM] Profile Decorations

Profile Decorations

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the spookiest avvy of them all?
From Wizards to Witches; Tigers to Bears
Which one causes one the most despair?!
If one ever wishes to find out; they must enter this event, without a doubt

You will need to create an Avatar and Signature Combo with a Halloween Theme

- No Texture stealing
- No c/p
- No Stock Images
- Include programs/software used
- Only Halloween themes, please
- Your entries must be contained and presented within spoilers

1st.+ x5
2nd.+ + x3


*Note: All useless posts not relating to the event WILL be deleted.
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Mine was obviously the best, I demand a rematch.
(Congrats TPK, Jtank.)
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