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You go among the toribash community's underground with a new vision. No more will the game be confined to the simple kick or punch leading in dismembers or fractures. Oh, no,no,no. You have come to show the people their ignorant ways. You have come to show the people the wonders of replay hacking, how you can turn a simple movement into a bloody masterpiece just by tweaking a few lines of code. But alas, you see others within the underground have been replay hacking as well. You see that they are not new to this either, for their abilities are more than complex. But, you must rise among them to claim the prize. You must Win, at any and all costs. Let the hacking begin!

Create the best "hacked" ukebashing replay!
For those of you that do not know, a ukebashing replay(also referred to as a "Madman"), is the act of which you, the tori, must dismember uke as much as you can while still implementing, and containing, some, if not all, elements of: flow, style, and agility (among other things) within your replay.
Replay Hacking Tutorial can be found Here.

No replay Stealing
Replay Must be original
Must be 1500 matchframes or below
Must be done in classic.tbm.
ALL Dismembers must be hacked, you may NOT hit uke to cause a dismember
You May change your entry as many times as you want before the deadline.

1st.and + x5 Shiai Tokens + 20k
2nd. + x3 Shiai Tokens + 15k

The GM Team

~Art done by GoodBox
Hate: 15k
JollyRoger Clan: 20k
All Donations are to be made to MagicalSack!!!
PM me saying what prizes go to which place
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maybe i will try this ( maybe )

The death line is on my birth day ( i feel special BTW )
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I mean you cannot forcefully hit uke in a fashion that results in a dismemberment. You can, however, hack your replay and make it so that you dismember uke.
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Have a question concerning the market or anything of the sort? Feel free to ask me!