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How many hours do you have on Toribash?
i have a grand total of 1273
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but i only started using steam toribash at the start of 2018 when i got my new pc, so i'd say somewhere closer to 5k hours or something like that
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1500 hours, around 500 hours of these are from betting servers, 100h from ETourney hosting (At that time I think I was no-lifing, hosting everytime noone else was hosting, so almost h24...)
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750 from steam. Would love to know how much I'd have from the beginning though. I pulled some serious hours whilst being a GM some time ago

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i think 1600 hours on steam(probably 1000 or less substracting idle), tho i spent most of my time on sp so probably 3000 hours+.
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5 more hours til the big 1k.

I've spent a lot more time before the steam release and playing on old versions of the game.