Hello Pig and Cow, I am advising you to leave this evil greedy grounds.
You sure deserve more love than anyone else.
If you stay here, you are about to become as evil as them..
Welcome back to the forums pig and cow

Nice to meat you

[Evil] is recruiting!

<DesiTwist> terty plays tb with the ghost turned off, uke turned off and uses that mouse with the ball in it
Someone move this to the hall of glory.

Also, welcome. You look very nice, enjoy your stay and enjoy Toribash!
oh yeah
Wow. You're wonderful.

Talk to me if you need a hand with anything game/forum related. You're welcome to post in my clan board (link in my signature).

<Jaker> fucking yes , the black anal fetish fetus , :-* love ya .. btw i love how your teehts are touching my *PIEP* when you do a blowjob <3
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