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Hi there!!!!
Hey guys, I just downloaded the Wii version of Tori, it's certainly got
a learning curve that's for sure!!
Am just getting my head round the physics of it all.
Watching the vids some if you guys put up is
Awesome!! I can barely hit Uke haha

Really enjoying the trial and (a lot of) error
Any pointers for a noob will be gladly received!!
Hi Tommy I havent got the wii version but it sounds hard.
"Always Extreme at heart."
I don't check the forums or go in-game anymore, I have quit.
Hey man after a few months of playing often this game becomes simpler. Use pecs elbows shoulders and chest for starter moves.
Hey guys, thanks for the pointers, will def persist with it.
At the moment just doing a flip warrants a whoop!
Apologies, I'm guessing from the "face palm" that this is a)in the wrong forum
or b)a question you get asked a lot, sorry

Incidentally I did manage to face palm myself in Tori, prob not a super
move though is it?! ;-)

Thanks again guys