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My name is Armistanzi
Hello. I'm posting here to introduce myself because as a new player I'm having a crazy time learning. Very frustrating. This game is kind of buggy but I will embrace it and do my best to become the best player. I look forward to having you all as my competition or perhaps my clanmates.

Thanks, kids.
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Well id' like to be the first person here to welcome you to the community ^__^
Being as you are new you should probably read up on the rules and such.
I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm looking forward to meeting you ingame.
Life is not fair, but life is not fair for everyone... which actually makes it fair.
There are sooo many threads. I'll need time to find the proper ones. I want to know the ins and outs of head texturing (I have photoshop; I'm into design) and I need to learn how to rip people apart properly. Some one needs to get on top of an obvious documentation for these things. Youtube doesn't help at all and sorry, but the forums are a mess/not incredibly helpful.

Ignore my complaints though. I'm satisfied. Also hey.

I highly suggest that you read the Tutorials board and the notorious FAQ.

They should help you greatly.

Welcome to the forums, and I hope you enjoy it here.