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4.7 beta 3
install beta1 first, then you can upgrade the exe in this file - 1 MB (windows)

/obj load

"Usage: /obj <load|unload|unloadall|loadfull|help>
/obj load model.obj [playerid bodyid colorid alpha textured dynamic partless ghosted]

/obj load custom/uke/head.obj
/obj load banana.obj 1 2 55 200 1 0 1 1] - loads toribash/banana.obj on player 1 body 2 with colorid 55 and 200 transparency with textured, fixed size, remove original bodypart and ghost the obj.
/obj unloadall - remove all loaded obj
/obj loadfull custom/uke/head.obj - make uke into a xmas tree of objects
Oh finally! I waited this so much after beta 1, TESTING IN PROGRESS.


Well i keep trying to download and check some objects but unfortunatly they all are extremly large. it would be nice if we could have smth like scale of size
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xmas ball



by the way, i can't understand the way how tb is texturing objects :u
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Oh, sorry, solax, did you just say "awesome things"?

I think so...

by the way i think it wouldn't be a problem if i'll keep posting my shittobjects screenshots

okey i found nice model

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This has some crazy potential, the future is now.
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So, these objects created do interact as normal 3D physical structures or are they just for looks? Sorry, if I seem a bit slow at getting this.
And the difference between the two betas, is that before you could only load objects for body parts? But now, you can load them as individual objects or so?
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