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I was going through the ban list and saw about 3 pages (or more) to do with racist names. And the reports for racism seem to be catching on. Why don't we censors racism? Block all possibly racist usernames and censor racist or offensive words on in game chat and forums (besides clan threads) because clan members like to offend each other for jokes.
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I'm talking about in-game related things. Racism hardly ever happens on forums.
@mwah that was an accident but don't tell me you missed all the other pages which were bans for racist usernames.

read what i said about massbans

you said this would not only censor racism (clearly) but put more ease into a moderators job, i'm pretty sure moderators can massban usernames with a keyword in the username, just like ip bans. i would find it hard to believe risk spent his day clicking every R2R account and banning it.

so yeah, read more than my first sentence and you may understand why i think this is not necessary.

in terms of in-game racism, why don't you ask a moderator the percentage of reports they get that are racism-related. i can't really comment on that because i don't know. but in my ignorance i am assuming this isn't the absolute biggest problem. from what i've seen the reports that are for racism are someone using a word commonly described as racist in order to insult others. e.g. 'you dumb n-' i wouldn't even consider this racism, instead, insulting others. cases of true racism are definitely the minority.
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^ ^ I would lie to extend on that with the fact that your base for this thread lys in 1 extreem case rather than many valid ones.
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Check the banlist
This only took Gynx around 10 minutes to ban nearly 4 pages of accounts.

This isn't that necessary, not supported.

Just going to pop in here and add something.

In most games that have censorship, people work around it if they really want to have an innapropirate name. For example, let's say Gnar is an insult to the people of the country Mega.

Micheal decides he will name himself Gnar188. The filter blocks the name. Because Micheal is a cool little boy, he decides to make his name Gnaar188.

There. Micheal's cool kid status remains status quo (or even increases) and we are still stuck with banning him.

If you want me to put it more bluntly, feel free to PM me and I'll give you a real example of how easy it is to have an offensive name, even with all the hassle someone will go through to have a chat filter.
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I'm going to go ahead and give up as this idea may not be as helpful as I thought it would be.