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I know, that your answer will be highely likely negative, but still: how about making toribash for iOS or Android or even both, not minibash, but the entire toribash. And a one more thing: could you do at least a client for the same OSes just to sit in the room and chat? It would be nice to spectate tourneys, for example
Wouldn't it be too power consuming for iOS? Even my laptop starts almost overheating from toribash, I don't want my iPhone to melt.
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Well, GTA San Andreas is on IOs, i think everything is possible

it's on with highly reduced graphics and control.
tb is far more power-consuming then SA. It probably wouldn't work atm, maybe in like 5/6 years if phones keep getting more powerful.
Def no ray-tracing and whatnot, that's just going overboard
I really just think Toribash should be more fun, but I speak on my half of this now. It's been so long that toribash has been played. I think toribash is already fun,but maybe if hampa was able to promote the game for advertisement or so. Some of you may disagree with me, but I just think they should. The population for Toribash has been growing for a while and I think we should just put more effort. Then the fun will be put into toribash. I've been playing this game for 2 years and I think they can do better on these updates,but like hampa said he updates toribash with small things. I'm not saying we should make these updates bigger but they should be at least update for reasons even bug fixes.

Toribash is alright,but I focus on the future of this game. I look forward to how toribash will look since the most talked about thing is Toribash 5.0.

Toribash 5.0 I think should really be to best update to make this game the best. I think the game should have a little more realism. I think 5.0 should be big which is all I'm saying here. Along with this update I hope we can be more into our community that would be perfect for the toribash economy. I hope we can have alot more fun than just sitting there just clicking.

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what on earth did you just type
tori's won't change shape, gorman's group is just a weird futuristic poster thingy.
admins and mods etc are doing all they can to fix bugs and glitches, and are doing a pretty decent job of it.
toribash 5.0 will be better, yes, but, its not like gameplay will chage drastically.
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I think if it is possible the think which would improve toribash would be realism, if there could be some sort of skin over the muscles to make it look less weird. I would also like it is dismemberment was greatly improved especially for bladed mods so that joints could be split in half and so you can make weapons which need to move at a certain speed to dismember but are not quite instagib. It would be awesome if you updated it so you could make stabby weapons which kill when you stab the chest or neck. I know none of these things are worth the effort they would require to program and that they are probably mostly impossible. These are not suggestions, just fantasies.

It would also be cool if you could control how hard a joint contracts or extends for sparing or parkour. It wouldn't work in fighting mods because of the reaction time but it would make realistic replay making so much easier (maybe even too easy).

And you game is awesome how it is already btw. It does something which few other games can and has a nice balance of unpredictability and control when it comes to multiplayer.
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add a christmas santa that on chistmas will give everyone one item they want no matter how expensive like void and nother person asks for orc
and no qi restriction
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