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hampa, this question is for you, why did you make this game, like what prompted the idea anyways? It's so random, but great.

probably some developer frustrated that he couldn't make his own moves in fighting games.
Hate Club.
You know I seem to remember him saying something like that when I've talked to him on game about this, but he never gave me a straight forward answer.
Psychology, the way to win Toribash games.
Advertising campaign
Can you sponsor a gamer challenge or maybe a fighting training challenge?
also when were the belt going to be implemented?
do you think this game will last another 10 years
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So, hi hampa, when will toribash next come out ? curious as hell

On the tb next thread it is estimated in 2018.
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Hey Hampa, I remember back in the day you used to talk a lot more on irc and the forums. You seemed like a pretty cool dude. I hope to see you hanging out with us a little more in the future. Perhaps one day we can all fuckin play some toribash and hang out on voice chat one afternoon. I hope everything is going well for you man. peace

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Hampa Where do you get tc Do you own a generator for tc or what happens like do you have a generator on your profile