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(SCP) Containment Breach
Hello if you are here to apply for Containment Breach, please read this post carefully so there is no confusion. Our minimum belt is black so do not bother applying if you are less then that. Rare occasions this rule is bypassed.
Also we require lots of forum activity. If you have not read our rules then you will see it here.
If you do not post in the span of a week in our thread (excuses such as school, vacation, etc. are allowed.) then you will be kicked. 2nd chances are always given, but third is never an option.

App Guideline
In-game Name:
Real Name:
In-game activity (0-10):
Forum Activity (0-10):
Any previous clans and why you left them:
Why SCP:
How you can you contribute to us:
Favorite mods:

Any bans/infractions:
Other means of communication (e.g skype):

This is an app guideline. We recommend free form application. Free from app's give you a better chance of getting in, but you must include all the information from the app guideline.

Please put effort into your application. If you are going to waste your time by making a terrible app, why waste ours.

If you are declined, you are always allowed to try again in a week.