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hi new to the game :)
hi I new to the game, I currently have issues loading the multiplayer list but can access multiplayer via using the commands is there any rooms active? if so what are their room names as I cant see the list due it crashing the game. thanks in advance
Hi, Welcome to The Game. If you're having issues getting into multiplayer rooms please join our discord and post in the Support section. its the fastest way to get a staff member to help you.https://discord.gg/z24kSy
Dubwubwob If you're playing on standalone i recommend using the steam version as it has the latest updates, if that doesnt work then do what uloveme said and get a staff member to help.
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Hey, welcome to the game! Getting started can be a little daunting, especially the multiplayer scene. I would do as was recommended above, get the steam version if you don't already use it. Be sure to delete the old copy before installing using the steam version to keep any chance of something going wrong to a minimum. If that doesn't work, definitely notify a staff member to get it figured out.

Best of luck to you!