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here, curious boy

I'm Sam, a little nosy.
I discovered the name of the game toribash in an article (the author was only praising it). He described it as fun and hilarious so here I am, looking for info and to discuss with the game's pro

Good day and good week to all of you
Toribash if you haven't done any research or seen any game play is basically a turned based, ragdoll physics game. You move joints on your character (tori) that resemble real life movements. You can contract, extend, relax, and hold these individual parts to execute some pretty clean or stiff movements. Toribash in itself is very skilled based, but it's also extremely enjoyable trying to figure out how you want something to look, or even learning some movements in the competitive scene. You can customize your tori via Toricredits, which is the games currency, you can earn Toricredits by winning online matches, or by buying them with steam money or paypal. If you search through the forums, you will find a dense market place and a friendly community sharing their findings and whatnot.
sorry for these guys, u said u wanted to discuss with the pros well here i am, whats up young fella
Find me ingame and duel me
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sorry for these guys, u said u wanted to discuss with the pros well here i am, whats up young fella

Don't listen to him I am the true proIf you have any question feel free to send me a pm, if you have discord add me ! JayTyka#1581
ahah sorry, it took me a little while to get back, I got a little caught up.

Well actually I guess it's by testing that I could really get an idea, but in the article I read, the guy said he was doing a bit of a mess and that's what was blowing his mind. But I suspect there must be a technique or a trick to get out of it right from the start without going through that "anything" box?
Si vous êtes francophones, je vous invite à rejoindre "La Baguette", le discord fr du jeu :

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