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Problem with the gravity of parkour mods
Good morning,
I have been playing Toribash for a few years but only recently I started doing parkour / spar.
I am here, however, to ask for help regarding a difficult "technique", not to ask for advice on how to do parkour.
So, let's explain: after many workouts I can walk about ten steps in the xspar mod, the problem is that in the parkour mods I can't walk, even making the exact same movements as walking on xspar. The settings are the same, even the gravity is -30, but I can't walk because my tori launches upwards, despite the fact that I made the same movements I used to walk on xspar ...
What does this difference depend on? maybe gravity changes if parkour is not at ground level? (how to set it in this case to be able to walk?) Maybe it depends on the parkour floor which has a different friction?
I hope I have explained myself and that you can help me.
I also hope to be in the right section of the forum.
Thank you
If you are using mods in parkour, most of the time your tori won't be over the default ground but on an environment element. It happens these elements have not the exact same grip as the default ground, wich make your tori slippering a bit more/less.

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