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Toribash Movement Basics (TMB): A quick guide for popular mods
Hello, Lord here

And this is TMB: A quick guide for popular mods

As the title says, this is a quick guide on how to play popular mods (and move your tori... kinda). This guide will have tips and tricks for the following mods:

Aikido Big Dojo

(I accept contributions from everyone, so if you have more tips, tricks or moves comment them)

Disclaimer: I didn't include greykido or aikido because the tips I'm going to give for aikido big dojo would be the same I would give for aikido or greykido

Let's start with Aikido Big Dojo

So in aikido big dojo the important thing is to stay on the ground when you can and try to pin your oponent down to the ground or shove him off the ring.

1- Your wrists are one of the most important parts of your tori when it comes to aikido big dojo (or aikido based mods in general), they help you control your oponents movement and balance yourself in risky situations.

I'm going to give you 2 examples:

Imagine you are on a situation where your oponent is on the ground and you are in the air, he is grabbing your hands and is almost throwing you off the ring. A good way to not loose the match and regain balance in a situation like this is to contract your wrists (AND EXTEND YOUR PECS, IT HELPS), so you get closer to your oponents body and to the ground, where you can regain balance. If you are feeling cheeky and savage you can allways contract your elbows too, as well as your hips and knees, to try to dismember him (this is not recommended unless if you have a bit more experience).


(Second example)

This time, imagine you are on the ground and your opponent is in the air, you are controlling the match, you have balance and you know you can win. A good way to raise your chances of winning is to extend your wrists, this was your oponent will loose the balance.

2- Your ankles are important too, DON'T FORGET THEM

Your ankles can save you from getting off the ring for example, they can help you get a better traction and balance yourself, you just need to learn when to contract and extend, and that comes with experience.


Don't shovel, you will get shunned by everyone and called a noob, and you risk loosing to a person that knows how to counter a shovel.
They seem effective but at the end of they day they only give you more trouble.


In Lenshu you need points, just that

1- Allways try to rush on your first turn, to get alot of points

This can help you in the long term, because it will give you a good advantage over your oponent.

Here is an example of a simple move i use to rush:

Hold all
Contract left pec
Extend right pec
Right rotate chest
Right bend lumbar
Contract abs (optional)
Extend left hip
Contract right hip
Extend both glutes

(I think I didn't write it wrong)

2- If you don't know what you are doing and you don't feel confident, don't be ashamed to run away

Running away is not bad when you know you have a big chance of loosing, just don't run all game , try to run only when you feel like you are going to loose, when you feel cofindent, attack your oponent.


Your wrists are the most important part in lenshu, with them you can gain impulse and rush your oponent when you are really far away (I can't give a tutorial on how to attack your oponent, or how to move in lenshu, because it's a very situational thing, and you need to see alot of matches to understand how to move and what to do)

4- Don't be afraid of trying out lenshu

You can't grab that's true, but lenshu helps you know how to move and how each joint works, so try it!!


Focus on dismembering your oponent and go nuts, this mod is not as tecnical as the others

1- Don't skeet

Don't go on about doing hand cannons every match, that's annoying and you won't learn anything from it (and people will hate you)

2- Use your elbows

Your elbows can help you block incoming kicks or punches, because they are hard to dismember. So use them, don't be afraid to contract.


Go nuts, there is not limit for movement

4- Get openers from Youtube or the internet

Yes, this helps you get into boxshu/mushu when you are starting out, and later on you can make your own openers from the openers you learned on the internet.
Some people might say something like "AHAHAH YOUTUBE MOVE, NOOOOOB" but ignore, if you need to use a move from the internet use it, BUT DON'T SPAM IT EVERY SINGLE MATCH, variety is key.

I hope you enjoyed and found my tips useful

(I would love if an admin could pin this so every new player can see this thread)

Mentioning the position of your grabs in aikido is an important tip as well. Having better grabs than your opponent will most likely result in you winning the match.

Yes, that's a really good point, it is more likely to win if you are grabbing or oponent by the hands or legs instead of the shoulders for example
Uh this guide about everything and nothing at the same time. What's the sense of rushing if beginners dont even understand how toribash works and how to control their tori? Your guide is more about winning but not controlling