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Advanced time control
Add time control as at chess, when u have total time for all moves and some increment each turn. Sometimes u need to think more than default time, sometimes u can find move faster. That would be interesting mechanic to use.
Idea is actually for tbn
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
This actually is a really cool idea, the only problem is that move memory is basically OP in that kind of a scenario.
can be solved with total time + time for turn (that does not increment to total). move memory will help only at the beginning of the fight, later (2-3 turns) it won't help you much.

3 options:
total time - extra time that you have to do your things
reaction time - time to do move, that does not increment total time
increment time - time that adds to total time each turn
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I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
Marking as elevated, planning to look into adding it for next update.
My solution to combat movememory would be to only start the total reaction time countdown starting with the third turn when continuing to use movememory doesn't make much sense anymore.
The idea of an advanced time mode like in chess (you have a total time that you can freely choose how to use in single turns based on the difficulty) is really interesting! but what happens if a player runs out of full time before the opponent?