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Merch Idea
Yall should start selling Customizable Tori Figures

I wanna keep the Toribash memory's on my desk
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Are you referring to something like this? If so, it'd be an interesting idea. I'd definitely be more interested in purchasing something small for my desk vs some of the shirt designs that are currently available.

IKEA Figurine

If you know someone who can make figurines of good enough quality (which would still have a reasonable price) that we can work with, please let me know
True that i tryed to make a figurine myself from a tori and uke out of a 3d printer but couldn't find any models >.<
Merch toribash

Would be great to have some "Displate" around Toribash's universe (i didn't checked if there was any yet) but here is a link where you can create the displate.
(https://displate.com/blog/buy-your-own-artworks you will have to scroll down a bit)

What are the "Displate", it is a company that sell metal sheet with printed drawing and stuff that you can stick to your walls, thanks to a magnet you don't need to make hole in the wall and you can change displate whenever you want or need.
Please don't create new threads on 100% same topic a day after posting in an existing thread.

Also if you're willing to get your own Toribash-related art printed that way, we aren't really stopping you. If your suggestion was for us to make some art and sell it, the prices look too high to work imo (because, you know, if we sell merch then we need to make at least some profit off it - and even their starting prices are over $20 with no shipping).