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The Uke problem
Hello, I want to make a suggestion,

Lately I've been learning to do parkour and tricking and I ran into a rather annoying problem: the presence of uke!

I am aware of the various ways of moving it away from me and making it transparent (in some mods I have also seen moving uke up inside a transparent box), the problem is that making uke transparent removes it only visually and the removal also negative leads problems with the camera.

Now I will explain what I mean by camera problems to avoid misunderstandings: if the distance between uke and tori is not very high the camera will position itself in the center of the two: it becomes much more difficult to control our tori's joints without rotating around them directly...

Ok then just move the distance between tori and uke far away and then press 6 to hook the camera to our tori ... the problem is that often (especially the new ones who approach pk / tricking practice alone and have to start again a lot of times...) the process of centering the camera at the start of the game with 6 can be quite long if the distance between the two is high; and the same happens when watching the replay: as soon as I start watching it I have to pause, click 6 to see what my tori is doing...
(then in the pk we must also find a point where uke does not do dq falling...)

What I do now is assign an average negative distance between tori and uke, but in any case at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of the replay I am forced to do the tiring operation I have described above... and the beginners re-start a game many times...

What I propose is to insert a command that completely removes uke from the single player, this would be an option that would be very useful for many players!

But I also know that it could be a difficult thing to modify because it could be too intrinsic in the game code.

I hope I was clear and sorry for my poor english.

I wish the developers a good job and I hope for an answer.


P.S.: Is it possible to set a camera as default? for example if entering the game or in a replay the default camera was that of tori (6) it would be a good solution to my problem!
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Originally Posted by rifle View Post
You can just delete everything that has to do with uke in a replay's notepad and boom, gone forever.

what do you mean?

I dont need to edit a replay.

Im a beginner so i restart a lot of time the spar mod, i know about this thing of the replay, but i need to have the mod without uke..

or change default camera to 6..

Editing the replay to remove uke can be useful if you want to improve a replay, but in my opinion there should also be the option to remove uke from the game ...
Originally Posted by rifle View Post
Make a replay with you not doing anything. Edit the replay to remove uke. Enter the replay again an edit all you want from there.

ok but maybe I explained myself badly,

what I think should be added is a command to remove uke (like the one to make it transparent).

What you mean is not as comfortable and clean as the command, at this point what I always do is faster ...

I don't have to work on a single replay ... I just have to play a mod.

I understand what you mean, but maybe you have not understood what I mean.

You may be assuming that I could go in and edit (press "e") the single replay (from which I removed uke with the notepad) every time I want to play tb ... but at this point it is faster what I already do. . and then if I want another mod I would be forced to modify another replay from notepad ..

the method you propose makes sense if you are working on a single replay but not for the "everyday" game ...

I hope I have explained, because we are saying 2 different things ..