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[SP]How to view joint textures w/o buying them(VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Any questions? post below.

Thanks to hampa for all the help figuring this out.

Nice tutorial.

I have something to add though. Since the joint colors affect how the textures look, you might want to see how they look with your joint textures.
How you do that, is you go back into that "customs" folder, and then go into the folder with your name, for me that would be "calendb". Then, just copy everything from your folder, and paste it in the "512joints" folder. And then you go ingame and type /lp 1 512 joints, and he should appear as you, but with joint textures.
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I think you should try that, I never did, tell me if it does work, I am pretty sure it will.

Ok, I'll test it out right now.
Nope, it doesn't work, because in my items file, I don't have the joint textures activated.
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