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Name Cleansing
I don't know if this was ever suggested and if it was I'm sorry. Anyway I think it would be a good idea considering the amount of dead accounts that there are in this game.

What about we have a name cleansing just like they have in League of Legends? Where if you are a certain level you are allowed to keep that name for x amount of months~years. Like the amount of cool names being used by people who only logged in once in like 2007 and never played again is absurd. The amount of people that actually played the game however havent got on in like 4/5 years is also absurd, so I think that having this type of thing would be good to keep the names flowing around.
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i dont see how this would help anything
if you want a name that hasnt been used in years, you pay 100k to change it to that name
i only see this beneficial for new players or people who create a shit ton of alts
I don't support this. Some of the people who are inactive are 'legends' and their names mean a lot. Plus, name-changes are allowed after three years of inactivity.
As previously stated, 100k is all it takes for a new username. The main reason why your suggestion isn't already in place is because the staff are constantly trying to get rid of TC. But I can see where you're coming from.