Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Here you can ask anything replay related. Definitions of terms, how to get better etc, etc. Anyone can ask something and we'll try to help you.

P.S You can also go to #ormo in irc if you'd like to ask something.

P.P.S You don't have to be in ORMO to post in this thread!

The purpose of this thread is not to ask for our opinion. In this thread, you present us with a clear problem that you want help fixing, and we try our best to help you. You should already know what your problem is, and you come to this thread because you are having trouble correcting said problem.

Questions such as "are there any problems with this replay?" or "is this replay smooth?" or "what is your opinion on this replay?" or "how do I make this replay better?" are not what we want in this thread.

What we want in this thread: Concrete questions where we can give you an objective response, such as "how do I aim this kick/punch in order to get more destruction?" or "what should I do in order to twitch less in my replays?".

Instead of asking "how to make this better", try to tell us what you would like your replay to look like, and then ask us how to do it.

Another thing - if you want to make an application for ORMO, you don't ask us if it's good enough before applying. That would be unfair towards other applicants, who genuinely do not have any idea of whether they will or not be accepted.
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