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Need a teacher!
Hi all! My name is Constantin! I'm from Romania but I can speak english a bit... So.. I need a teacher.. I want to teach how to play this game, and I want to be a pro.. So.. If anyone have enough time to stay with me... And want to teach me.. I will be proud I will wait...
Join the social group named Dojo of the Squig. If not pm (private message) me when you are active in game, so I can help you.
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hey man, you are lucky i am romanian, too i hope i will see you online and help you! see ya later!
oh, yeah, welcome to forums!
Welcome. I mean I wouldn't mind being a teacher but I think it's about finding what's best for yourself. Teachers can only teach you so much about joint control and balance and moves before you gotta do it alone because everybody plays Toribash different. Either way, if a teacher or even yourself finds a move that you can work with, play with it a bit. Who knows, maybe you could kickass with it.
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