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Why are people so against move tutorials? Of course you can learn how to play by doing them if you are actively looking what you are doing. Especially as a beginner when you don't know which joints don't work together well and you realise you do similar combinations for all kinds of moves.

because playing and watching is better for understanding instead of memorizing?

i would not even dare to guess what fraction of people who use tutorials are actually investigating what they are doing. it's a bit idealistic.

most if not all just try to memorize it without any thought
I like to watch chess games between grandmasters to understand their tactics and whatnot, and sometimes I even use those tactics I saw on TV in an actual chess match.
Learning by observing is a thing, anyone who says otherwise is a weird person.
I understand your point that people who learn from videos are prone to never doing anything but what is shown in that videos, making their techniques inefficient and useless, but I also understand that it is a terrible point and you should feel bad for even bringing it up because an averagely intelligent person will try to overcome problems in order to succeed. That happens through the process of trial and error and learning about new tactics through various means may speed that process up, and if it won't it will be hardly of any harm.
Also, did TGS not just win the clanleague with memorized moves? I heard something like that.
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All is about training, nothing else. We didn't start this game like pros, we started like beginners. So just play and you will be began to be a pro. GL!
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All is about training, nothing else. We didn't start this game like pros, we started like begunners. So just play and you will be began to be a pro. GL!

" Begunners " lol
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The best advice i can give you is to not worry about getting your oponint down its making sure you dont dq and when you have the opertunity bring him down
There are some great tutorials on the tutorial forum look at then
Tearing Uke apart is called a madman. There are tutorials on it. You can look them up. I will give you some tips later as well.
If you can't be bothered to look for tutorials There are two buttons you should use when making a 'Madman'. These are 'r' and 'e'.
Pressing r shows you replay of what you are doing.
Pressing e stops replay and puts you into that frame do you can change what you do from a position.

Very few videos of ripping Uke apart are done in one go. If you try to punch Uke and his arm falls off but the force means your wrist breaks then press 'r' and them at the point just after you start moving into the punch press e. From this point you can change the movement so your wrist and arm are in a less vulnerable position.

This weekend I will try to do done training with you. I will send you a private message and post here if I have time so check the forums for my message and reply so I will know to set up server.

I hope this helps. One other button that might help is 'p' to pause and play replays so you can find the exact point you went wrong before changing the action with 'e'.
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Dismembering Smoothly
After figuring out movement, you'll need to get the hang of kicking and punching uke. To do so, try to move realistically and quickly. To dismember uke, you'll need at least 30.00 speed. To view your speed type in /sm 1.

How do you change spd?