Season 8
Selling MystÚrio Usertext, Typhon Relax and Right leg texture!!!
MystÚrio Usertext - 1500
Typhon Relax - 3200
Right leg texture trail - 4500
[NM] & [Neon] <3 | Spar4Evah
Nerd told me about you ..
Wanna buy Pure relax or/and Pure blood?

Ohh.. You haven't QI.. =[
"You have every right to be offended, just don't cry when no one cares."
my deactivated set: for sale


512 head 18.5k
qs blood 9.5k
Pharos timer (was offered 1k already) 1k
Minihawk 7.5k
flame (it doesnt have a forger, its a fusion flame, and its quite large. your just gonna lowball me on it but whatever) 56k

pictures of the flame
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