Weekend Bash
thanks for all!

i learn acrobatics
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[HACK] [Replayz]

nice opener but your knees were very twitchy throughout the whole thing. loved the cork
the jump to the core was good but the grab looked a little messy to me
full body skeet was smoothly executed but with self damage and a little more swing you could've got a decap
great pose
So yeah, as Z said, the opener was brilliant, except the minor twitches in the knees. Not that I mind them too much.
Core kick was pretty sick.
You should try to get that decap somehow. Would be neat.
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happy 2 years

really nice and spazzy opener. badass spin at 415
good first hit
your arm was twitchy at 245. its either that or you just grabbed and ungrabbed i can't tell
the decap didn't look like it should have happened which makes it awesome looking
great double pec and great pose
thanks a lot, BquadZ!

there is tricking. your cnc would be useful like never before, mates
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[HACK] [Replayz]

something going on with the replays lately, barely any of them will download, happening to most people aswell, including me

speedyshare it?