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Name Changing
Ok,My suggestion is that you should be able to change your name for free once or twice a year for free,name changing is way too overpriced and right now i really want to change my name but i dont have the 100k tc and i know many other players are in the same predicament,so yeah,after using the free name change,it goes back to having to pay 100k if you want to change your name again so yeah thats my suggestion
I don’t think making it completely free is a very good idea. Maybe lowering the price a bit, but making it free is just not the way to go.
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Imo, first name change should be free, but only after like 5th dan, because it would be unfair for people that paid 100k for a name change to have them free once or twice a year now
isnt namechange created to sink TC? i think 100k is fine tho
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