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Alright, you aren't third dan yet and you only have 63 posts, but I'll allow you in. Just make sure to remain active or there may be a chance of being kicked out.
Welcome to Wicked!
Post in the Wicked DSC you are now a member to confirm.
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thank you and i assure you i will be more active
im sorry but im not sure that this clan is right for me as you are all on about midnight for me as we live in different parts of the world. I no Ive only been here for a few days but in those few days i havent seen any wicked members on (except from tookitooki) im sorry and i hope that you see this reason is fair. cya ill always be a friend
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Belt: 2nd Dan (2 games away from 2nd dan)
Do you make textures? : No.
Your best Mods: Aikido, Judo, ninjutsu, Taekkyon, Wushu, etc. Sort of an all rounder.
I was invited to Wicked by Sushiman4, KronosLord, HotShot4, multiple times. I am "one hell of a player" , quoting Kronos, and extremely polite and friendly.
Why do you want to join this clan: Id like to be a part of the newest clan to become official, and I have many friends already within the clan, such as those named above, and lmcwarrior, p0pcorn, and a few others.
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Let him in! NAOW
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Recruitment Thread moved.
Visit Wickeds Recruitment Thread in [Wicked]s Board in the link Official Clans to join Wicked!
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