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Genetic Disorders
  • I'm doing a 30-minute presentation on a rare genetic disorder known as "Retinitis Pigmentosa" for my biology class.
  • Do you or someone you know have a genetic disorder?
  • What is it like living/seeing them on a daily basis?
  • Have they pursued treatment of some sort?
  • If so, how has their life changed after receiving treatment?
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my family has a serious issue with clinical depression on both sides. We're also on the autism spectrum as I have learned recently. I wouldnt consider what we have as impairing per say, but genetics has played a huge role in how our brains process and think. Sometimes it's good and others, not so much lol. I have had relatives that aren't close to me, however, that have ended up committing suicide.

One of my uncles has schizophrenia and doesn't take his medication. He's a piece of crap that has basically molested my sister. One of two brothers on my moms side that both have been to prison. One of my uncles is doing much better and has been rehabilitating himself which makes me happy. Genetic disorders are dark and can make you feel very very lonely, but I want to emphasize how important family is when youre coping with things that are hereditary.

After taking prozac, which is also what my grandfather has taken for about 20 years, I actually have the ability to cope a little better now. Medication can be super helpful and is super important if youre going through anything. You should treat your mind the same way you treat your body. Healthily.
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Dude, that's cool. Sounds hard to do a full 30 min presentation by yourself. But good luck with it.

Most of us have a genetic disorder kek, what happens is that sometimes they don't manifest clinically or are insignificant disorders and don't make a huge physical or biological impact or they may even need some triggers to become more significant.

I know a lot of people with genetic disorders, mostly with down syndrome and ‎achromia a.k.a. albinism. A guy that lives in my street has down syndrome and everybody in the neighborhood is nice to him and i've even see him at some parties chilling.

I have a friend with achromia and she has a tough time cuz of the weather, it's hot af over here and people with achromia can't stand hot temperatures very well. She ended up moving because of the weather and for her own security, since a few years ago people with achromia were being seriously kidnapped and sold for human traffic. It was pretty sad to see those kind of news and see someone being unable to go out even for uni or buy groceries.

Afaik, most of the treatments for genetic disorders are for pain relieving or to reduce difficulties in daily tasks.. I don't think that the science has gone that far to ''cure'' some genetic disorders, specially when a person was born with that condition; you can do genetic counselling before having a baby but the thing does not block mutations from happening.
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I dont necessarily have the disease you call "Retinitis Pigmentosa". But I do have a similar eye disease called Glaucoma, it currently has no treatment and the only thing you can do is slow it down. The disease itself causes damage to the optic nerve and causes vision loss, I forgot what type of glaucoma it is, but I currently use eye drops to stop it's advancement. The eye drops are known as Xalatan (a diluted mix of collyrium I'm pretty sure). I use them daily and do 6 month checkups.

It bugs me in everyday life pretty often, I've been having constant headaches with pressure on my eyes. Even when I don't have headaches, I find it pretty hard to focus on something thats 5 or more meters away from me, even with perfectly fine glasses. Even walking outside causes dizziness because of sunlight. My family always had some sort of bad eye sight, but it's the first time an actual eye disease showed up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

edit:: forgot to say, good luck on your presentation :>
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