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Yeh I wouldn't bet that much on a Nunes knockout. I am already slightly regretting our bet but whatever, my stake is in the ground now.

This might be the first UFC event I've stayed up for in months. Normally just watch the next morning nowadays. Really pumped

Also agreed on Aldo looking super unhealthy. I am really pulling for him to win but pretty sure he's getting McGregored
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I will go with:
Both Kamaru and Colby are well conditioned, as well as wrestling pressure ability. However, I am leaning towards pure brute power on this one.

This is interesting match up for the Blessed champ: Volkanovski sure does have that ko ability but Max's chin is made of steel as he showed against Poirier(I hope that these will not be the last famous words)

Not really a big deal of a match in my opinion. The champ is well up above anyone right now in the female division.

Aldo's race towards the weight was way too much. It reminds me of Dillashaw's skeleton look against Cejudo

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Kai Kara from me gym is also fighting third prelim fight. He's pretty decent
I apologise for this post.
Was really considering adding Vieira to my parlay, but ended up passing. Quite happy I did, since she just got KTFO!

Just woke up too, so missed the rest of the prelims. Any good ones?
Been a good card Aldo got robbed tho he did a lot better than I thought
I apologise for this post.
i hate nunes i wanted her to lose

holloway is probably gonna pick lil manlet apart with strikes

colby will win by decision
Fucking Nunes. She didn't even try to finish GDR after the first round. Was just content to win on points. Cus of that I lost my parlay (picked Nunes to finish GDR). I have, however, won your signature Moop. I'll think of something suitable....

Thrilled to see Volk beat Max - Aussie pride. Bit bummed out that the Colby/Usman fight didn't last an extra minute - Really wanted to see a scorecard (reckon it could've been a draw with those two late knockdowns, I had Colby winning rounds 1/2/4). Ah well.

Wouldn't say the Aldo fight was a robbery. Last round could've been scored for either fighter imo (Aldo had aggression + octagon control but I thought Marlon landed the cleaner strikes in R3).

Gonna go back and watch some of the prelims I missed now.
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