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!!lord341's head texture shop!!
hey this is my first ever head shop! i dont yet know how to post the spinning head but plz tell me how! more heads will be added sooner and the first buyer will get 10% off

/\ /\ Evil Pumpkin(i think) 100tc

/\ /\ Smiley Head 100tc (comes without black background)
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kinda harsh solitude =/ its a good try lord341 just keep trying harder

thanx for not bein a butthole like everyone else!
Lol ^_^ it's ok if you suck a bit you'll get better ok so do you have gimp? because that's what i use for making animated spinning heads, like this:

this is my latest head :P

ok so if you have gimp you go to filters>animation>spinning globe: make the frame at 30 since it's best like this if you want to see it animated go to filters>animation>playback then press play XD so just save your file(not the play back) into a .gif then put the animated head on a image hosting site. Then just either post the link or do as i did get the image code :P hope this helps