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Having the tag is a good idea. Just agreeing that litterateur is not very common and the old Art tag would suffice.
y is wip not a tag anymore no i have to look at ever thread that says tex just to see if its a wip or a finished piece.
I would blame the creator of the thread if you have to look at every thread. They can simple slip it into the title like: [Tex] Working on a new set. Simple as that. The tag was removed cause it was not needed.
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y is wip not a tag anymore no i have to look at ever thread that says tex just to see if its a wip or a finished piece.

because WIP relates to all the genres, not just textures.
we got annoyed with looking in the wips and seeing vids, art and textures all under one tag.
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Adding [Flames] as a tag, y/n?

There's not much question for it, but that could change.
If we don't want another tag we could just put it under [Tex], as in ingame customization.
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I'm an artist.
its a part of the tori, leave it under [tex]
no point in having more than we need.

if people wanna show off their flames, they can show them off when they try sell them

if they wanna post them here its fine i suppose, just keep an eye on them and close if they get ridiculous
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I notice something, maybe u guys have also, and... Although, I do not have an idea how this cold be prevented, I'll post what is the problem, so we at least can discuss it?
In some cases ppl use art thread to boost their post count. There, I said it.
It's sometimes too obvious (like: same guy comments in 5-7 threads in a row posting: I like ti x/10! + [add some random: ''see ya soon'' message here]), and sometimes it's better planed so it spans multiple days posting same thing in different threads.
Now, I know it's hard to distinguish real comment from these ''fake ones''. That is the problem of the whole story.
Just saying it aloud to see did u noticed the same thing and what do u think about it.
if the other mods were somewhat active, it would be easier to police, i check here a few times a day, but useless threads are usually closed
will keep an eye out for the more spammy ones.

I check in here every day BenDover, don't be like this.
Only thing I can do though is close and warn people, which they wont listen to because I cannot infract.
Which is annoying.


i havent seen any deleted posts or comments from you in a while
Deleting posts, PMing users and throwing your rep around is usually enough for me.
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Why do you guys can't infract? O.O
Does someone ''up there'' doesn't take this part of forum seriously?
Cause more then 50% of the forum users is ''lingering'' here. This is their test ground for Art/textures thread, if not just to share their artistic work.
If u wear the badge then you also need a gun! :]
(ab)users like to (ab)use.