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[READ ME] General Forum Rules (SERIOUSLY, READ THIS.)
1: No Verbal Abuse (Flaming)
Be kind, don't be a jerk, insulting other members can get you punished.

2: No Useless Posts
Useless posts are posts that are off topic, add nothing to the topic, repetitive or only add your opinion where your opinion is irrelevant.

3: Keep Material Relevant
This means no inappropriate material for minors, and posting topics only in related boards, e.g. art in the Art board.

4: No Backseat Moderation
If you see someone breaking a rule, don't post about it, either let a moderator deal with it or use the report button.

5: Read Before you Post
Before posting:
Check out the FAQ - and especially the GLOBAL RULES that apply at all times in all boards.
Read the Terms Of Service that you agreed to.
Read the rules for each board (located at the top of each board). We will enforce the rules whether you know them or not.
Check other people haven't made similar posts or topics.

6: Use Common Sense
When you do anything we expect you to think before you act, if you end up wasting other peoples time and effort fixing your mistakes, then you have not thought hard enough about your decisions, prior to making them. Be doubly careful that what you say is not prohibited in public space - read here for details.

7: Questions?
Post in beginners sanctuary. (this board)
Send a Personal Message to a moderator:
Ask a question in the technical support channel:
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