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Making A Toribash Movie
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Making a Toribash movie!

Someone requested it so i thought i'd do it. This is very basic, nothing fancy. Also i might be a little outdated on the rendering part, if you have any suggestions about improving this, just post.

1. Preparations

You will need to prepare a couple of things before you start making your video.

- Replays. You don't want to record yourself actually playing.

- A screen recording software. I recommend Fraps. It was actually one of the few programs that worked for Toribash on my PC. It's unregistered version has watermarks, so you'll have to go with the illegal way and crack it. That's illegal to discuss about here though.

- Sony Video Vegas. You can use other programs but i've always used this one and will teach you using it.

- Optionally Adobe Aftereffects, my PC doesn't run it though so i can't tell you anything about it. It's 3d though so you can do all the basic stuff in Vegas too.

- Ideas. How will you start it? What music to use? How will it end? How long do you want it? The better you have everything planed, the easier it will be for you. There might be a song you really like, but make sure you'll be able to sync it nicely - you don't want the video and the sound being completely separated, as if you made the video and then just randomly added a soundtrack on it. It would be nice if you come up with something completely new and original like Rutzor recently did.

- Optionally a nice shader picked out. You can use default shaders if you want to, it's up to you. You can find the shaders at \Toribash\data\shader.

2. Recording the video

- Open Toribash and select your replay. Type "/opt hud 0" to get rid of the HUD. Now you can load a shader using the command "/lws". Press escape 2x to get rid of the grey "game" box in the lower left corner.
- Open Fraps. Go to the "Movies" tab and select everything as you like them (the folder to save movies in, video capture hotkey, uncheck record sound and 60 FPS. Also turn on no-sync to stop any lag being recorded [thanks skulfuk]). Press the video capture hotkey (default F9), and you will notice that the FPS on toribash will turn red. Now it's recording.

Press R so the replay would start playing from the start (anything it recorded before can be cut out on Vegas later). Let it play to the end of the replay and press F9 again. The movie will now be saved in the folder you chose in .avi format. Repeat this with all your replays.

3. Editing

Now assuming that you successfully recorded all your replays and you can locate them, let's open up Video Vegas and start putting them all together. I will also explain the more simple effects, but don't expect anything superb. I will be guiding you using Vegas 7.0, but they should all be very similar.

- When you open Vegas, you will see something like THIS (click), where

1: Timeline. This will basically be where you build up your video. You may add as many video and audio tracks to the timeline as you want (some versions have a limited amount of both).
1.a: Video track.
1.b: Audio track.
1.c: Track's settings. Here you can mute a track, adjust the volume and do some more advanced stuff.
2: Preview window. You may change the quality, i recommend keeping it at preview (auto) because otherwise it will start lagging. You can temporarily change it to preview (full) if you want a bigger picture.
3: This one should be obvious.
4: Various tabs you'll use during the making of a video. You can just X out media manager, trimmer and maybe project media in the start, you probably wont use those.

- Drag one or all of your clips to the timeline. Put them all on one track, next to each other like this:

- Drag your music to another track under your clips like this:

Now you basically have your clips playing and a soundtrack to go with it. This would be a very boring and plain video though, so you will need to do some editing.

Adding text

Adding text is simple. From your tabs (4) go to media generator - text. Pick a text template you like and drag it on your timeline. You will then be able to change text, size, font, placement and add simple effects like drop shadow and glow.


There are many ways to make transitions look nice. The simplest way is to drag one clip a little into the other one - try it and you'll find out what it does.

Another way is to add fade. Drag the small blue rectangle at the end or start of a clip to add fade:

You can find more advanced transitions under the "transitions" tab. First put two clips next to each other so they touch each other. Then find a nice transition and drag it between the two clips.


Another option you will surely want to use because the clips will be generally pretty slow. The easiest way to do this is to hold on ctrl and drag your clip smaller/bigger. Bigger makes it slower, smaller makes it faster. If you still didn't understand, here's a youtube tutorial of slow/fastmotion by Montagical (click).

Colors and more

If you go under the tab "Video FX", you will see a lot of options like "Add noise," "Color balance," "Color corrector" etc. All these will change how your clip looks. For example, some might make your clip look like it's a very old movie, some might change it's colors and so on. There's a lot of things for you to explore.


Ok, these are more advanced and are pretty difficult to explain by text. Basically what this lets you do is make things move around. For example you can make your movie turn really small and go up for 5 seconds, then zoom in a lot, go down, start shaking and then return to normal. You can also keyframe colors and stuff - for example your clip is black and white for 5 seconds, then turns red, then goes back to normal. Here (click) is a detailed youtube tutorial of keyframing by Montagical.

Splitting a clip

The simplest thing, just click where you want to split your clip and press S.

I'd like to suggest a youtube channel "Montagical", it teaches you a lot about video vegas. Anything from FAQ to making intros to editing videos to teaching you the basics of vegas (click)

4. Saving your movie

To start saving, go to file - render as (not save as, that saves the .veg project file). Select your file name and save as type: Windows Media Video (wmv). On the bottom you will have 6 check boxes, only check "save project markers in media file". Now about the template, press custom.

Video rendering quality: best

Mode: Quality VBR
Format: Windows Media Audio 9.2
Attributes: Leave it as it is.

Mode: Quality VBR
Format: Windows Media Video 9
Image size: Animation (320*240) for youtube, keep original size if you want high resolution.
Pixel aspect ratio: 1,000 (square)
Frame rate (fps): 29,970 (NTSC)
Seconds per keyframe: 3
Quality: 100%

Bit rate
You don't have to and probably can't change anything.

This one should be obvious, you can change it if you want to, but you don't have to.

Let it render, if the clip is short like 1 minute, it wont take a lot of time but for longer videos it might take hours.

5. Uploading

You can either upload it somewhere where people can download it, or youtube. People usually don't bother downloading it, so you should put it in youtube and maybe additionally upload a high quality version too. I will explain both.


- Register a youtube account. Log in, press the yellow "upload" button. From there it should be pretty simple assuming you're not a retard.

High quality/resolution downloadable version

- For this you need to upload your video somewhere. If you want to add other files like a readme or pictures, you might want to pack your video to .rar of .zip using winrar/winzip. It will also make the file a little smaller.

- There are many places to upload files to. I recommend - no downloading, no crazy waiting times, no advertising. Let's you upload max 300 mb. Just browse your file, agree with the terms of service and press upload file. Heres a list of more uploading places, should sendspace be down:


courtesy of Magix
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