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Steam Commands, Autojoin, Links And Bookmarks
With the Toribash now being on Steam there are a few new cool things that we can do using Steam commands.

Q: How can I open Toribash from a Steam command?
A: If you enter the code below into your url bar, hit enter and choose to open with Steam then Toribash will open up. Cool right?

How can I open Toribash straight into a multiplayer room?

A: If, for example you wanted to join the room judo2, you would use the code below. It simply chains the command to run the game with a command to join that room.
steam://run/248570//+connect join judo2

And for any room other than judo2
A: The above is applicable to all rooms. So if your friend made a room called 'testroom' you could easily connect from your browser or copy and paste it out of a Facebook chat or similar. All you need to change is the room name at the end of the Steam command from 'judo2' to 'testroom'.

Q: Hmmm, ok. What's this about shortcuts then?
A: You can make a shortcut for your computer that, when opened like any other program, takes you straight into a Toribash room of your choosing.
I have only done this for Windows so for other operating systems your mileage may vary.
To make a Toribash room shortcut first go to your desktop or any other location. Right click and then select 'new' from the menu that opens.
It will give you various options for new things to create. Click on shortcut.
It will then ask you for the link to the shortcut. Simply enter the command to connect to the room of your choosing as was established above.
Then click save. You can now go on to set an icon and do whatever else you want with it.
Double click the shortcut and it will open you into the Toribash room.

Q: Can I make these commands into links on the forum here?
A: You certainly can. It is done like linking anything else. The only difference is that instead of putting in a web address to a different page you put in the Steam command.
For example: [url=steam://run/248570//+connect join judo2]Text goes here[/url] gives us a nice neat link to that charming judo2 room from before. It looks like this:
Text goes here

Q: So I can make links and desktop shortcuts. How about web browser bookmarks?
A: That is possible also. The only way that I've found possible to do this at the moment is to wrap your command into a link like the question directly above. Then right click on the link and select the bookmark option. Then do with it what you would any other bookmark. When you click on it the command will be carried out. Use this to save your favorite official rooms or make a link to the room 'gmtourney' to quickly connect to the room when you see the global at the top of the forum.

Q: Any other cool things I can do with this?
A: As a matter of fact, yes! I haven't tested this extensively yet and neither has anyone else to my knowledge but I'll update this FAQ as I learn more. You can do more with commands than simply open the game and connect to a server. The code below will open up Toribash but when you click free play, the mod aikido.tbm will already be loaded. Change the name of the mod to whatever you want it to open with. So far this is the only command that I can get to work and I have not found out how to chain commands to, for example, set the mod and then set turnframes. Again, this will be updated as more is discovered.
steam://run/248570//+lm aikido.tbm
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Oh this is So good
mods and turn frames
this will be a simple and good suggestion this may not belong here but it is quite simple
1.The join command on the server
add the join to this:


2. to globals (ingame servers annocments)
when he writes /jo Bets
it auto links to it
This is amazing!!!
wait the link in the pic is hyperlinked
It is working!!!
Thank u!!
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How about if someone sends a global, you can click the global on the forums to directly take you to the server the global says.
<Icky> Butler is the worst es
<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
It is working fish!!!
Now I can save time and get a seat in tourneies
Thank u Fish!
This command is also good[JO][/ JO]
I will test every thing possible
I'll post tdem here if I found any
I tink there should be all game options with this
I'll test
And there is something i want to sayi
The idea of /Jo command uptop is great
But it is unprofessional
Well the. Place is kinda goo
But textbox,borders color etc..
it needs a new look
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The box at the top for joining rooms functions as it was meant to and looks fine. If it doesn't look nice then blah, deal with it \o\
I'm a game developer for other games.
Ping me if you have a query or general question unrelated to this game.
Abys I was know it was meant to be there
I don't really care about it
I only care because I want to make this game better(what)
If they move it for example under the announcements(globals)
That would be better
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