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I only accept forces/relaxes and full sets for items.

I've added your request to the list,

ok thanks, i will always check this tread
hayz : Fachry is kewl and i like him(in a non-gay way)
Not yet, my power went out yesterday and then I was just lazy the rest of the day.

Tell me if you want any changes.
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The sig is perfect no changes are needed. When I get some more tc, be prepared for a shitload of request. Gj Wafflez and Mali with gfx. I'll be sure to do some more business with you ;)F

Tcs sent
I'm back :)
Thanks for the request, I was quite happy with the end product and how fast you made it

If I'll need to change my avy or sig I'll be sure to come back.

Payment was also sent.
Thanks guys


Hmm it looks pixelated on the quicksilver part, I'll change that.
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