What you want*: set
Details*: beetle/radiactive
Size*: 128
Reference: http://images.bbgsite.com/games/imag...ice/shaman.png
Price Range*: 25k

Dont make it cartoonish, instead do it furry, like in LilTerror's tutorial to make realistic hair.

Better than your mΩm
also, totally not trolling
What you want*: banner [Bonez]
Details*: Black, silver, red skelitons with red outlines on there bones with [Bonez] at the top of the banner.
Size*: as big as clan helpers
Price Range*: 20k-35k
I went to sleep right after you requested... it was 1am here :V. I just woke up so expect a WIP soon.

Also, MightyMouse can expect a WIP soon.
WIP for callisto is up. Tell me what should change etc..

MightyMouse's will come later because TB isn't letting me preview textures right now >