i'm not sure what to think of the opener, i like how you contracted all the joints to do the weird slowing down glitch, but the launching position looks a little wonky. chest grab looks fine to me, managed to fuck shit up so i don't see the problem.
wow that
~Spry - Radiant
i don't know how I feel about this.
the dm's were nice, but overall it feels traffic lights.
you stop a go (i.e. the opener, the spin afterwards, etc.)
you have good movement, but try to keep it going.
would of been cool to see you kick the ass apart, but eh.
i definitely enjoyed the movement more in this replay than in the previous one you had posted

dm's were really sick as usual

glad to see you making things again maestro
the goblin
the spin from the opener was fantastic the dms were hot as fuck god please let me lick your hair i really liked the transition to the pose
wow that