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Windows 4.0 beta 10

- new sounds
- background ambiance music
- fixed gamerules bug (not showing buttons)
- fixed icon not showing in tool bar
- fixed error messages about "hair.tga" in Console.app
- /opt hair 0 (disables hair physics/rendering)
- /opt grip 0 (disables drawing of grips balls)
- remapped joint textures
- fixed camera rotation bug in mod maker
- removed fine tune from mod maker
- changed default resolution and graphics setting
- nick tab completion in multiplayer (~opens console, tab nick completes)
I was just looking for this! I love my timing, haha.

Edit: Where can I find hair too look through it?
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Pickled is alright
And fresh is quite a delight
Hi all

In the betting room now testing the beta. Thus far the only problem is the cursor during the chat is not positioned quite right and seems to be three quarters into the last character typed. Not a big issue, but just thought I'd let y'all know.

Really like the idea of hair - so far no problems.
Love the new DQ sound
I'm not a big fan of the sounds that replaced the older ones (tb3.93 or so) when the opponents is hit/contact is made/ a dm or frac occurs. The older sounds were better suited in my opinion since they sound more intense/violent. The newer sounds give the tori's a more 'hollow' feel.

Thanks for the hard work put into this!!
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