Season 8

I now own this.
Artist: gonza8625
Resolution: 2048x1024
I'd love myself a cockmeat sandwich.

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I am the current owner of Tsunami

I am no longer the owner of TSUNAMI. BOOST/Jordan/Empress is now the owner.
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I no longer own the head by gonza8625,BOOST now owns it.
I'd love myself a cockmeat sandwich.

list#1000 on Discord.
I bought these 3 sets from InuYasha and I am now the owner

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clockwork8 Head is mine (not dead...sorry).

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Here's what we are gonna do, no one can wear the head till' dddyyy comes back, if he does, and solves this. Also, anyone know who owns any art by Noir?

- Noir, this thread August 23rd, 2018.

I'm here to solve it.

Yes, I am the owner of this head. The head ownership was forked by Demonzo in early 2013. He sold it to two different people. Here are the two main lines of ownership.

Demonzo -> Azure -> Internet -> Natejas ->
Demonzo -> Dellalanri -> Vitall -> Dellalanri -> DDDyyy (I purchased on 06/25/2013 for 50k TC)

When I realized Natejas had a copy in 2013, I messaged him and we worked it out. He filed a scam report, and said I could retain ownership of the head (documentation below). I have never sold it to anyone. I still retain ownership, and no. I'm not dead ;)

Natejas probably thought I WAS dead, so he tried to sell the head earlier this year (2022), but posted that he lost it in a duel to someone. See the thread here:

He had no right to do this since he gave me ownership of the head. He has not logged on since April 2022.

Documentation for everything is below.

Dellalanri claimed ownership and named a price

I paid him 50k TC

Natejas and I figure out what's going on and he gives up the head after filing a scam report

Natejas later decides to sell the head but loses it in a duel without my permission or purchasing it back from me.

If you believe you own the other forked end of this head and have sufficient documentation to prove it, please contact me and we can figure something out. This is a really special piece of art and I just want to bring it back to single ownership however that happens.