Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Single-Player Replay Championships
Galaxy Presents:
Single-Player Replay Championships!

What is this?
This is a massive challenge to show off all of your replay-making skills and win amazing prizes!

Create the best replay each round, while also meeting the challenge (Twist) requirements
(Only some rounds have challenges)

You will only have 1 week EACH round to create your replay!

Here's how this is all going down!

1st round: Qualifier
30 replays will be selected to advance to round 2
Create a replay that shows you are capable of advancing to the next round
Any type of replay is allowed
All participants will receive chronos/gladiator items

2nd round: -9.82 Split-Cap
20 Replays will be selected to move on to round 3
Create your best 'Split-Cap' replay
All participants will receive Chronos and/or Gladiator items
1st Place prize: Toxic Relax + 3,000 TC
2nd Place Prize: Sapphire Relax + 1,500 TC
3rd Place prize: 2 Orc Forces + 1,000 TC

3rd round: -9.82 Mad-Man (Twist)
15 replays will be selected to move on to round 4
Create your best 'Mad-Man' replay
Your replay MUST result in Uke's knees being dismembered (You can still DM anything else you would like too)
1st Place prize: Acid Relax + 5,000 TC
2nd Place Prize: Maya Relax + 3,000 TC
3rd Place prize: 5 Orc forces + 2,500 TC

4th round: -30 Tricking Segment
10 replays will be selected to move on to round 5
Create your best tricking segment
Your replay MUST be in -30.00 Gravity with the mod as xspar.tbm
Your replay MUST be atleast 700 frames long
1st Place Prize: Shutter Shades
2nd Place Prize: Platinum Force
3rd Place Prize: Supernova Relax

5th round: Mad-Man (Twist)
5 replays will be selected to move on to round 6
Your replay MUST contain ATLEAST 2 'boom-hits'(3 or more DMs in 1 motion)
1st Place: 10,000 TC
2nd Place: 5,000 TC
3rd Place: 3,000 TC

6th Round: Manipulation (1000 Frames minimum)
3 replays move on to the final round!
Your replay must be ATLEAST 1,000 frames long
1st Place: 35,000 TC
2nd Place: Green Hat
3rd Place: Santa's Hat + Santa Beard

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!


Good luck!
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who d o we send the replays to? do we have to post here to participate? does this start right now or will we have time to enter?
oh yeah
Post your entries here, Don't have to post 'reserved' or anything, just submit your entry, starts officially in 2 days.
I'm a bit confused for the 1st round,
it can be ANYTHING that's in -9.82 gravity?
Madmans, parkour, tricking..? I will pm you (galaxy with a 4th idea and ask if it works).
Yep, any type of replay for the qualifier. As long as it's in -9.82 gravity.
Couple changes have been made:
First round (Qualifier) has been changed to any gravity.
No submitting pre-made replays.
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Looking forward to seeing some sweet replays here! Good luck everyone.
|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Macks replays are racist" -Larfen
Yay. Since this event isn't getting sponsored I'm going to give it a bit more time to get recognized...
I'll participate prices are good. Good luck!

And another thing, if in round 1 there are 30 or less people who submit replays, will they all pass on to the next round?

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